After I compared all of CDMA applications, the universal application with fully feature is going to CDMA WORKSHOP. almost all merck and type can handle with it. CDMA WORKSHOP is simple application, user friendly and easy to learn. Most people use CDMA WORKSHOP to read data from their phone like ESN (Electronic Serial Number), MDN (Mobile Identity Number), Security Lock, and other datas. Some people use it for Update PRL (Prefered Roaming List) in one location to another, change ESN for cloning needed, unlock networks and more more function that can not i explained here. Curious with this one application? 

OK here i will give you some link to download CDMA WORKSHOP. Yeah CDMA WORKSHOP avaliable in more version. I do not know what is the latest version of  CDMA WORKSHOP my friend say the latest version is 3.5.5 but another say 3.6. You can find about this information at www.cdma-ware.com. But i can say the stable version is version 2.7. Why? Coz it has cracked so you can use it full of function. So how with another version? find it with your self...